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Laser Resurfacing


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Laser Resurfacing Overview

When it comes to most perceived areas of beauty, such as cheekbone structure, symmetrical faces or an hourglass figure, there’s little if anything most of us can do. But when it comes to the largest and most visible part of our body — our skin — it is possible to get the smooth, even and beautiful look that so many of us desire.
As we age, skin becomes less elastic, which is how unwelcome lines and folds begin to appear, creating a tired and aged look. But while this may feel like a symptom of our hectic, fast-paced modern world, that modernity also offers a solution in the form of laser skin resurfacing.

The treatment may seem like magic, but it’s actually incredibly straightforward. It’s not like outlandish plastic surgery where you wonder if the patient still has any original parts: laser skin resurfacing is about making your skin look and feel its natural best.
Laser skin resurfacing uses a specially crafted beam of thermal energy that breaks down and removes only the very outer layers of the area of skin you want to treat. This leaves the skin more even as well as encouraging new skin to grow with a healthier look.

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