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Body Contouring Overview

To achieve the perfect body, diet and exercise seem less appealing, and terms like “fat dissolving” and “skin tightening” now make it easier for weight loss without the risk of surgery. The latest in body contouring technologies are non-invasive procedures that require no surgery, little to no downtime, and no surgical scars. Learn more about transforming your body and removing unwanted fat.

Weight gain, dieting, the trials and tribulations of exercising, it can be difficult getting our bodies looking as good as we’d like. Often diet and exercise leave stubborn love-handles, or fat along the thighs, our belly, and hips. Science has begun developing new and exciting ways to improve the body contour and give our body the shape we desire. Some of the most exciting technologies are non-invasive fat removal methods.

Body Contouring F.A.Q.

What is cellulite?


Cellulite is the term used for deposits of fat and other material trapped in pockets of connective tissue beneath the skin. It causes a progressive dimpling, also called “orange peel” or “cottage cheese” appearance, of the skin. About 98% of women are affected by cellulite after they reach puberty.


Why are women more prone to develop cellulite?


Cellulite can occur in both men and women but it is far more common among women. This is because women’s skin is built differently than men’s to enable fat to be stored during pregnancy and breastfeeding and to enable the skin to expand during these periods. When estrogen levels fluctuate in the body, the skin retains fluid, connective tissue in the skin hardens, blood and lymphatic circulation is decreased, and fat cell storage is favoured , causing the development of cellulite.


Who can benefit from body contouring?


Almost anyone with the will to improve their appearance, regardless of age, sex, weight daily activity habits or ethnicity, can benefit from body contouring. This includes overweight people, physically active people with small areas to sculpt and contour, and females after pregnancy.


If people eat right and exercise, why do they need to undergo body contouring treatments?


Following a healthy diet and regular exercise program is vital for good health and also for achieving and maintaining a well-defined figure. However, in many circumstances, stubborn fat accumulates in specific problem areas, such as around the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, upper arms and other places.

A change in eating habits or losing weight does not necessarily result in a reduction or contouring of a specific area; rather it can produce homorganic weight loss all over the body, including in areas that perhaps did not need circumference reduction. The advantage of localized specific body contouring treatments is that the result is contouring and circumference reduction of a desired problem area.

General F.A.Q.

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