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  • Thushari

    I was Scared to look at myself in the mirror due to dark circles around my eyes. The answer for my problem was Lush …

  • Kumari

    It was a nightmare to get a clear glowing face with these acne scars and dry skin. As a dark skinned person I couldn’t use any cream since it will gives me an artificial bleached effect. Lush gave me the solution.

  • Dinini

    As a young girl it was embarrassing to have excess hair on sideburns. It was really thick and long. Threading these hairs every other week made me fed up and frustrated about it. Thanks to Lush I don’t need to go through that hassle every other week.

  • Sandeep

    I had dark colored scars around my forehead and eyes for the last two years. During these two years I have tried to get away from these scars with every possible way, but unfortunately nothing worked for me. Luckily I got to know about Lush Skin Clinique. Boom! It’s not there anymore, with just one […]